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Diabetes care in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire

Patient comments

Comments by patients who have experienced Care Planning

"I love this new way of knowing my results before the Clinic, I now feel as though we are working together"

"I'm so excited about receiving my results through the post, knowing what they are and what they should be, I have told my relatives in America and Phillipines"  

" I now feel that I am included in my care of my diabetes and can make a contribution to the discussions about my care to improve my results"

" Now I know what the results are and mean,  I feel I can work on this"

" When I first received the Care Plan I wasn't sure what to write, so I didn't write anything,  but have circled the things that are important to me, so I can talk about them with with you"

" It has been good to have time to raise my concerns, knowing my results beforehand, I was able write these questions down"

"A much better way, I now feel more informed, and motivated"

"Being aware of my results, gives me something to work on, especially as I will know my results each year, I can plot my results"

"Talking together has made me realise I can do more to help reduce my results"

"I realise I can make a difference with small changes to my lifestyle"

" To be actively involved in my diabetes care is motivational"



Collated by:

Jacqui Saunders, Senior Practice Nurse

Tilehurst Surgery


28th June 2013