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Diabetes care in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire

NDA Berkshire West 2009-2012

National Diabetes Audit findings 2009-2012

Results for the period 01/01/11-31/03/12 have been published. For the first time, results are displayed by CCG rather than PCT. They show a jump in performance in all 4 CCGs of Berkshire West for achievement of 8 care processes. However, as the results are historical by the time of publication, they do not show the up to date situation. This time, results were published for 8 rather than 9 care processes. The missing process, retinal screening, will probably be added later. Retinal screening results will be extracted directly from eye screening services rather than GP IT systems to improve data quality. Treatment target achievement remains about the same over the 3 years at around 20% for all 4 CCGs, close to the national average.

8 care processes 2009-12

Treatment target achievement 2009-12

PowerPoint presentation summarising results from the 4 CCGs of Berkshire West 2009-2012